Buffalo Rock Tented Camp

Are you situated within the KNP?2017-11-28T07:10:52+00:00

There is absolutely no need to be concerned that Buffalo Rock on the Nkambeni concession falls outside the borders of the Kruger National Park. This is a misconception, as the borders of the Kruger National Park is determined by the fence and not the Numbi gate (Tourism control gate) itself. The Numbi Tourism control gate is merely for tourism and access control if one wants to enter deeper into the Kruger National Park. It is thus the tourism control point and in particular the point where conservation fees for tourists are being paid. The actual gate is the gate that is locked at gate closing times and Buffalo Rock is situated well inside this gate.

Buffalo Rock actually forms part of a private Concession/Contractual Park area of 12 000ha WITHIN the KNP, which makes our lodge even more spectacular, with additional benefits to our guests.

What is the weather like?2017-11-28T07:10:33+00:00

Summer: October – April.

Average temperatures:  High:    32oC/89.6oF

Low:    20oC/68oF

We experience summer rainfall in Kruger National Park. This usually comes as spectacular thunderstorms in the evenings. The annual average rainfall in our area is 746mm/29.8 inches.

Winter: May-September.

Average temperatures: High:      25oC/77oF

Low:      9oC/48.2oF

The winters in this area are generally mild. This is mostly a dry time of year.

What is the best time of year to visit?2017-11-27T07:34:29+00:00

This is all relative to what you want to experience.

In our summer the bush comes alive with the rains. This stimulates lots of fresh new growth. As a result the summer is known for being more challenging to spot animals due to the increased vegetation. Our summer is a fantastic time to visit to see birds, with many migratory species arriving in Kruger at this time to breed. There are many animal species that time having their young during the summer months because of the increased food and water availability. So this is a great time to see lots of young and new born animals.

Our winter is known for better all round game viewing. This is because the vegetation is dying back due to the cool and dry climate. This decrease in vegetation allows us to see further into the bush. The dry climate and decreasing water availability make the permanent water sources such as dams and rivers a great place to check for animals coming to drink.

Will conservation fees be included in my package?2017-11-27T07:34:08+00:00

SanParks conservation fees are not included in the price of the set out packages that we offer. Conservation fees will have to be paid upon entering through the tourism control point at Numbi gate. Please email us for current rates on conservation fees at reservations@nkambeni.com

Is this Camp self catering?2017-11-27T07:20:59+00:00

No, unfortunately we do not offer any self-catering facilities, as all our packages are based on a bed and breakfast or dinner, bed and breakfast basis. We have a wonderful restaurant with a carefully selected menu to accommodate all our guests.

Do you offer Ala carte or buffet style dinner?2017-11-27T07:19:35+00:00

As a rule of thumb we serve a full buffet dinner almost every evening. However, depending on the amount of guests in-house, we do from time to time serve a special pre-selected Ala carte menu that will ensure an exceptional African dinner.

Do you make provision for any dietary requirements or allergies?2017-11-27T07:19:12+00:00

We do accommodate all our guests to the best of our ability for any dietary requirements or allergies. Please ensure that allergies / special dietary requirements are specified upon making your reservation. However, should there be any special requests over and above during your stay, please feel free to speak to the Manager on duty or alternatively directly to the Food and Beverage manager to assist with your required need.

What should I bring?2017-11-27T07:18:52+00:00

Clothing should be suitable for the time of year. In the summer light and cool clothing and it is advisable to have a rain jacket or waterproofs in case of getting caught in a summer shower. Winter clothes should be suitable for chilly mornings and evenings especially when exposed in the open safari vehicles. We would also advise all clothing to be of neutral colors such as tan and khaki. It is certainly advisable to always carry a hat, sunglasses, sun cream and insect repellent.

In terms of equipment, a camera is worthwhile to capture any special sightings you may come across. It is always a good idea to carry at least one extra battery and an extra memory card for your camera to ensure you will always be able to record the flora and fauna. A good pair of binoculars is also good to take on a drive or have nearby in camp. They are great for looking at birds or any animals that may be in the distance.

Can I charge my electronic devices?2017-11-27T07:18:31+00:00

Buffalo Rock operates sustainably using only solar energy to power our camp. The solar panels charge our battery system through the day which will then provide our power throughout the night.

There are USB ports in all our tents for charging cell phones and tablets etc.

We also have a central charging station for any items that may need to be plugged in. It is advisable to bring adaptors for your equipment to ensure you can connect to the South African socket type.

Do you have Wi-Fi?2017-11-27T07:18:09+00:00

Wi–Fi is available at all times.

Is the water safe to drink?2017-11-27T07:17:37+00:00

Our water supply comes from our borehole (well). It is very clean and safe to drink. Water jugs and ice buckets are provided in all our tents which are filled daily. Bottled water is also permanently available at our cash bar which also stocks a wide variety of refreshing drinks.

Is there a laundry service?2017-11-27T07:17:08+00:00

We do offer a laundry service at Buffalo Rock. There is a service charge for laundry and all tents are provided with a laundry bag and an itemised list with the costs of each item. Each tent is also supplied with a bottle of detergent if clients wish to do any hand washing.

Do you offer any activities?2017-11-27T07:16:20+00:00

As a safari destination, we offer a wide range of excellent activities. We offer safari and eco-tourism and even social tourism activities:

  • Bar and lounge area.
  • A lounge area where you can enjoy a sundowner with your friends and family.
  • Boma area for evening braai’s under the stars around an open fire.
  • Traditional African entertainment can be arranged on request, such as traditional dancers, Marimbas and gumboot dancing.
  • Morning and afternoon traversing game drives as well as full day game drives within the KNP.
  • Sundowner/Night Game Drives
  • Bush braai dinners in the Kruger National Park
  • Traditional Afrikaans dinner
  • Big 5 – Bush walks on our private concession in the KNP
  • Excursions to our additional community projects, such as the community schools, feeding schemes, bore holes, food gardens, anti-rhino poaching talks that we are currently involved in.

For any further details, please enquire from our reservations department for the specific times, rates and availability for all activities.